Lab 1: Getting Started


  • Due: Monday, June 10th no later than 5pm.
  • Partner information: complete this assignment individually.
  • Submission instructions: upload two files: (1) a Python file, entitled, and (2) a .txt file, entitled YourFirstName-YourLastName-Intro.txt, to the BrightSpace Lab 1 Dropbox.
  • Deadline reminder: once this deadline passes, BrightSpace will no longer accept your submission and you will no longer be able to earn credit. Thus, if you are not able to fully complete the assignment, submit whatever you have before the deadline so that partial credit can be earned.

Learning outcomes

  • Make sure that you have access to a computer that runs Python.
  • Be able to modify a simple Python program.
  • Be able to use Montana State’s Course Management System, Brightspace, to submit an assignment.
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and reflect on what you hope to get out of this course.


Part 1: Python programming

  • Download and rename it according to the instructions above.
  • Modify the code so that whenever the color is changed, both the pencil and the entire square (where you click to change colors) change to the same new color.

Part 2: written introduction

In a .txt file, write a short narrative introducing yourself to me. Address the following questions:

  • Which year are you in school? What is your major (or if you don’t have a major yet, what do you hope to major in?)
  • What programming courses have you taken prior to this one?
  • What was your favorite university class so far, and why?
  • What do you hope to get out of this course?

See this file for an example introduction from me. You are welcome to write more if there is anything else you would like me to know.

Grading - 10 points

  • 2 points - a Python program named is submitted to the Brightspace Lab 1 Dropbox no later than 5pm on Monday, June 10th.
  • 3 points - the Python program is correct.
  • 2 points - a .txt file named YourFirstName-YourLastName-Intro.txt is submitted to the Brightspace Lab 1 Dropbox no later than 5pm on Monday, June 10th.
  • 3 points - the .txt file addresses all four questions from Part 2: written introduction.

Grading turnaround

All labs graded with scores recorded in BrightSpace no later than lab time (2pm) the following day.