• Due: Thursday, June 4th no later than 5pm.
  • Submission instructions: complete the assigned number of activities in each of the assigned subsections of Chapter 11. You do not need to submit anything to Brightspace.
  • Deadline reminder: once this deadline passes, Runestone Interactive will no longer allow you to collect points for completing the activities.

Key ideas

  • Opening a file. Example: qbdata.txt.
  • Reading from a file: open(filename, "r")
  • Writing to a file: open(filename, "w")
  • Closing a file: filevariable.close()
  • File reading methods
    • filevar.readline() - in conjunction with a while loop to read an entire file
    • filevar.readlines()
  • File writing methods
    • filevar.write(some_string)
  • Absolute File Paths vs. Relative File Paths


  • Complete the required number of activities for each subsection in Files.

Grading - 10 points

  • 10 points - the required number of activities were completed for each subsection before the deadline.

Grading turnaround

This reading assignment will be graded with scores in Brightspace by office hours the following class day.

Optional activities

Activity 1

Download census.txt.

  1. Using a for loop, write a program that reports the average population across all states.
  2. Edit your existing program to use a while loop and the readline() function.

Activity 2

Edit your program from Activity 1 to write a file called census_percentages.txt that reports the percentage of the total population for each state, in the same order as census.txt. The file you write should look like this.