Pandas documentation can be found here.

Key ideas

We will use imbd_1000.csv to demo pandas.

  • reading in data from files: pd.read_csv()
  • creating data frame from existing data: pd.DataFrame()
  • data_frame.shape
  • data_frame.head(), data_frame.tail()
  • accessing columns: data_frame.column or data_frame[‘column’]
  • filtering data: data_frame[data_frame.column == condition]
  • selecting a subset of colunmns
  • data_frame.value_counts()
  • data_frame.column.sort_values()
  • groupby

Additional resources

You can view some example Python code using pandas in the following two files:

Note: these use plotting directly from pandas, which we did not cover. You can use this in Program 6 if you would like. See the documentation: