Practicum 2 Review

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The practicum will take place on Thursday, 6/27 from 2pm to 3pm in BH 254, the computer lab. It will cover the Python topics that we have learned so far: data types, turtle graphics, modules, functions, selection statements, iterative statements, strings, recursion, lists, files, dictionaries, and object oriented programming, with a focus on topics we learned since the last Practicum (files, dictionaries, and object oriented programming).

You may bring one 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of double-sided notes.

You may use a computer to develop your answers. You may only use the internet to access the interactive python textbook, the Pythontutor code visualizer, the online python documentation or previous python programs that you wrote for this course (Labs 1-8 and Programs 1-4).

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