Pandas 1


  • Submission instructions: you do not need to submit this reading.

Key ideas

  • To read in a data frame from csv, us pd.read_csv(filename)
  • data_frame.shape
  • data_frame.head(), data_frame.tail()
  • accessing columns: data_frame.column or data_frame[‘column’]
  • filtering data: data_frame[data_frame.column == condition]
  • selecting a subset of colunmns
  • the pandas documentation is here.
  • An example file to practice using pandas with is imbd_1000.csv.


Read Data Manipulation With Pandas, Introducing Pandas Objects, and Operating on Data in Pandas. Note: the book uses some deprecated Pandas functionality! In particular, the .ix way to index and the density attribute of data frames are no longer used, and any cells that use those will not run.

Optional activities

  1. Download Then:
    • create a dataframe with three columns: Year, Total, and Largest.
    • write the dataframe to a csv using the to_csv method for data frames.
    • print the shape of the data frame.
    • create a second data frame, big_snow_years, which includes only years with at least 250 inches of snow.
    • create a bar chart showing total snowfall per year.