Classwork 7


  • Due: Wednesday, May 19th no later than 1:35pm.
  • Submission instructions: push a commit with the tag classwork7 to your git repository.
  • Deadline reminder: after the deadline passes, you cannot earn any points for this assignment. If the deadline is approaching, submit what you have in order to earn partial credit.

Learning outcomes

  • Practice using a makefile to compile and link separate C source files.


In your classwork/classwork7 directory, copy your Lab 1 C source file, and then separate it into at least three files, one containing your main function, one countaining your compute discount function, and one containing your print results function. (If you had more than three functions, you can make one file for each or put more than one function in the files.)

Create a makefile so that all of the C source code files are compiled separately. Make sure to use the -Wall flag to catch any warnings.

Grading - 10 points

  • 1 point - there are at least three C source code file in your classwork/classwork7, one for each of the three functions discussed above.
  • 9 points - your Lab 1 source code compiles and runs using make.
  • Note: you will not earn any points if your work is not committed and pushed to Github with the tag classwork7.

Grading turnaround

This classwork will be graded with scores in Brightspace by 5pm the day it is due (May 19th).