Quiz 1

Quizzes will be on Brightspace and can be done on your own time. The first quiz will cover everything we discussed through the first week.

Once you start the quiz, you have two hours to complete it.

For these quizzes, you may access a lot of resources:

  • Any of the course videos
  • Anything in the course Slack
  • Anything linked from the course webpage
  • The course textbook
  • The devdocs.io C documentation: https://devdocs.io/c/
  • Any files you have access to on the server (code you have written, anything in /public, etc)

Finally, you can write and run your own C code to check your answers.

You may not ask anyone else for help or google anything.

You can watch the quiz intro video that is also linked from Lecture 4 for more information.